Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review of North! or Be Eaten

I'm piggybacking on another blog tour, the Children's Book Blog Tour, because my wife does say often sometimes I'm just a big kid.

Actually, I'm reviewing the latest book from Andrew Peterson, second book in the Wingfeather Saga: North! or Be Eaten.

I blogged about the first book, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness last year, and it was one of my top books for 2008. Does North disappoint?

Andrew Peterson is a singer/songwriter in addition to his authorial skills (dude's way too creative for his own good!), and he has created a memorable world that is immersive yet doesn't take itself too seriously. Last year I likened it the the movie The Princess Bride, and that continues to be an apt comparison.

The three Wingfeather children (the two boys Janner and Tink, and the young crippled girl Leeli) have faced some harrowing times escaping their hometown of Glipwood after the Fangs of Dang attacked. Their family is trying to make their way to the Ice Praries of Skree, because everyone knows the Fangs, scaly beasts that they are, don't like the cold. But they have numerous obstacles to overcome, such as snickbuzzards, Fingap Falls, and various other Woes.

The three siblings learn the importance of family and staying true to who they are as danger assults them on every turn. But will they be able to outrun the reach of the Nameless Evil, whose name is Gnag the Nameless...

The book continues the lighthearted fun and adventure of the first book. There are many plot twists, and the reader never knows who Janner and his family can trust. Peterson seems to delight in cliffhanger chapter endings, which always makes my boys eager for the next night of reading. The book may be a little heavier on the action now that he had established his fantasy world, and there are a couple parts that could be a little scary for the wee ones.

Overall, North continues the great beginning from the Dark Sea of Darkness, and makes a poor fellow wait for the upcoming conclusion to a wonderful children's series. I greatly enjoyed reading it for this tour, and my boys can't wait for us to start it. I'm sure they will be panting for more by the end.

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  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Hey, Jason, great review. I'm glad you jumped in on this one. I've added the book for CSFF, too, so we'll get to discuss it all over again in January. ;-)