Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Graces

My wife used the phrase "little graces" that God gives us the other day. He does that in so many ways. Sometimes they don't seem to be initially.

You would think getting hit by a car wouldn't be a grace. A couple of months ago someone came to the door and told my wife that she hit our car when pulling out of her friend's driveway the night before. We didn't even know it had been hit! It was small enough we probably wouldn't have noticed for a while.

We really appreciated that this gal was truthful when she could have "gotten away" with it. It was turned into the insurance, and we waited for the adjuster to come and give us a quote. Instead of paying a body shop directly to give a quote, I guess they do it now, and they just send us the money they think it would take to fix it. It was a minor little bump and scrape on the front quadrant.

A minor bump that netted us almost $1000.

Since we're moving, this money has been a real blessing. We used it for our closing costs, instead of repair a very minor thing on our oldest vehicle. It has freed up money to get things done on our old house and be ready for the new, instead of drastically stashing away every penny to have the closing costs covered.

It was a small thing, but it became big provision for us. God is good, all the time.

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