Monday, November 19, 2007

Congratulations Broncos!

Last week was a hard week (evidenced here as a lack of blogging). However, one of the highlights was by my alma mater, Blackfoot High School. After years of futility, the Broncos have delivered a state championship to this little burg. I've heard two different accountings, that this is our first Idaho championship, or that it is our first one since 1932. Either way, it has been a long time in coming.

I admit I jumped on the bandwagon when the JV season ended and my sophomore nephew Anthony Clarke moved up to varsity. The quarter- and semi-final games were the stuff of Friday night lore. On 11/2 we played Minico, the number 1 team in the state at Holt Arena in Pocatello. We scored with around 40 seconds left on the clock to win that game.

The next week we faced Pocatello, the team that knocked us out in the semi-finals the prior two years. The game was held outside at Blackfoot to nullify the home field advantage Poky would have if held where they usually play (much to their chagrin). It was a great night of community as the town poured out in the mild autumn evening to enjoy a tailgate barbeque and support the team. Again, we were treated to a thriller of a game as Pocatello took the lead back with 1:40 on the clock, and the ensuing kickoff was caught with the returner's foot out of bounds at the 10 yard line. Blackfoot took their one time out on the field and marched down to score with 13 seconds left. I've never seen our community celebrate like that night!

The championship game was almost anti-climatic. The Nampa Bulldogs came to Holt Arena without their main QB, as he had broken his foot in the previous game. They tried hard, but the injury was too much to overcome and the team rolled 46-14. Wow.

Congratulations Broncos. You made a city proud!

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  1. Congratulations!

    So why was it a hard week? Anything going on?