Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CSFF Tour - Posts on The Return

Ok, those pesky pirates from earlier today (ARRRR) have finally left me alone to catch up with all the action for this month's CSFF blog tour. It seems several of us didn't read and review The Return because it is the third of a series and we hadn't started it. This is always a bummer with a blog tour. But the buzz from those who have read the series seem to consistently give the book high marks. For true science fiction, it seems to really nail things. So I have poured through my tourmates to discover the best posts to read. Some have posted the back cover or author info, which helps support the books, but these following have put a little more out there for you. Of course, don't miss out on Austin Boyd's personal site.

Grace Bridges gives a good review.

Valerie Comer has some interesting discussion regarding the series.

Marcus Goodyear is applying his editorial kung-fu on the book - see if it holds its own!

Christopher Hopper is a fellow author who gives praise to Mr. Boyd.

Karen managed to read this book in one night - see how she did it.

Rebecca LuElla Miller discusses book 2 (The Proof) and book 3 (The Return).

John W. Otte has hands down the deepest discussion of the Mars Hill Classified trilogy, from 9/17-9/19.

Deena Peterson has an interview with Austin Boyd and further discussion of the books.

Chawna Schroeder does an in-depth review on all 3 books, from 9/7, 9/14, and 9/18.

James Somers has a nice in-a-nutshell review.

Speculative Faith promotes these books as must read sci-fi.

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