Thursday, June 21, 2007

Venturing Out

When I first started this blog I was very coy about admitting I was trying to write a novel. It seemed somewhat presumptive when you have only written a few chapters as your claim to fame. Slowly I've been coming out of my shell regarding this. Last week I actually posted my progress (or lack of it). This acts as accountability to me - I see that number and say to myself that I want to see that change tangibly, and soon.

I'm also trying to embrace this more and take it on as my identity - not so I can claim something I'm not doing - but to own it more so that it becomes my second job. I write when I can wrestle the muse down at the same time I can plop in my chair. I know I need to write regardless of the presence of some mystical force that whispers in my ear.

To that end I've taken a couple more steps of faith. I've joined the American Christian Fiction Writers. I'm being more proactive in interacting with other writers here on the web. I know none of this means I am a writer too, but again it comes back down to accountability.

So off I go. Thanks for keeping me accountable, even if you didn't know you were doing that! Just by posting this, it makes me get my rear in gear more. Whooooooooo.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing what you have written.

  2. You need to start hanging out at

    There are a lot of "writers" like you learning and encouraging each other in a small but growing community.

  3. Just tell 'em the same thing I do: my novel is due out in July 2054.

  4. Yea! Another closet writer. (I'm a kitchen writer, myself. Though I keep the kitchen dark and wait til everyone is asleep.)

    Tim O'Brien got me started writing. He takes five years to write each book. I thought, FIVE YEARS? A monkey can write a book in five years. Now I'm on my third.

    Turns out monkeys write terrible books, but I'm evolving...