Monday, September 11, 2006

Nine Eleven

Today is a day that shocked so much of the world. 9/11 has become a date that is marked by two different cultures: by the West it is marked as a day of sorrow and resolve, and in the Islamic world it is often viewed as the day that the arrogance of the West was knocked down by their brethren.

I pray today that those who have lost loved ones on that fateful day, and those lost since that day in the war on terror and the Iraq war, would find peace. I pray for safety and success for those out there on the front lines.

If we learned anything from 9/11, it is that life is fleeting. We make plans to go to work, to fly, and find that everything can change in an instant.

If there is anything that I can offer, it is this: we never know in this world when our time is. So many go through life thinking that if they live a good life, then that is what matters for this life or for getting to the afterlife.

I would say that this is a noble idea, but one that is false. I say this because there is a just God in heaven who has revealed Himself through the Bible. He is our creator. He created us to be in relationship with Him. However, we have sinned, and in order for God to remain just and true to Himself, we all are under His wrath, deserving of the punishment.

People may argue against this, but we all know in our own hearts that we have done wrong at times in our life. We all know that we don't live up to our own standards.

If wrongs are committed, there must be a price paid. So many think that God is not just, because evil people seem to thrive in this world. However, there is a judgment that everyone will go through. These wrongs will demand a price. There is nothing in our own strength that can pay this price.

God is not unjust though, because He provided His Son, Jesus Christ, who came and paid the full price for us on the cross. We can't earn His favor, but Romans tells us we are proclaimed righteous by God "through faith in Jesus Christ" (3:22). It is a legal declaration. We are guilty, but at judgment we can be proclaimed innocent if we just believe. That is the simplicity. There is nothing else.

This world is uncertain. Today could be my day to go, it could be yours. That is why it is important to examine this idea I've talked about today, and choose this day where you will stand. Will you stand guilty by your own actions, or will you stand on the redemption provided by Jesus?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to answer you.

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