Friday, June 02, 2006

In Praise of Lawn Mowing

One of my summer duties is mowing the lawn. Seems like a guy thing to do, not trying to be biased or anything. I always grumble about having to do it, like it is some kind of punishment. But so far this spring/summer, my wife has done most of the mowing! I was wondering if I was being replaced. True, my schedule is a little different this year, but I was a little worried.

Then I found out the truth:
"If I mow the lawn you have time for other projects."

A-HA. Now I knew. I have new responsibilities waiting for me.

Turns out that I have missed mowing the lawn. I'm walking around, getting the blood pumping a little. The loud motor insures that I have peace in my mind even if the boys are running around like banshees behind me. During this time I can let my characters from stories talk to me, tell me what THEY think should happen. I mentally set up scenes and see where it will take me. It really is relaxing and enjoyable when it comes down to it. Now I just need to get my old job back, and pencil in some writing time afterwards!


  1. Mowing the lawn... At one time that was a thing I didn't mind doing. But over time, I moved from a two acre rural Florida town to a townhouse in a small southwestern Virginia city. Do I miss mowing the lawn? I think it might be nice on occasion.

    Since I found your blog via google search for Oneprince it turned out to be a nice fine. I'll bookmark it for updates.

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