Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Your choice

I had hoped to make a quick post during my lunch break today. Unfortunately, I got caught in an impromptu lunch meeting, and that idea was shot.

What do we do when our plans go awry? I always come back to this saying that I quote a lot: we can't control people or circumstances around us, but we can control our reaction to it.

So do I let the situation knock my mood down, ruining the rest of my day? Or do I choose my response carefully, and move on with what I have to do? It is all in the attitude.

(This is also my second post! I wrote the same thing, and ended with "I likely will be tested on this principle since I am writing about it". Then I hit 'publish', and Blogger said it was still doing its scheduled downtime, an hour after it said it should be done. Nothing like putting your words into immediate action!)

1 comment:

  1. That's a really excellent point! It's my observation that nothing shows where a person is really at, what their philosophy of life--or just your expecations of how things are supposed to go for you, than difficulties, disappointments, etc.